Anal fisting for her bestie
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Anal fisting for her bestie

Annie and Kate are long-time friends: they spend ALL of their free time together, they’re simply inseparable. That day, they were exhausted after a long shopping spree, so they decided to take five while trying some new clothes on. Kate helped Annie fit into those seductive, skintight shorts and, in turn, Annie started undressing her so she can try on a new dress. For a moment, their eyes met and they realized that today is a good day for something TRULY special. Kate laid her friend on the bed and started caressing her breasts. Annie’s hardened nipples got Kate real wet, lust clouded her brain so she shoved her fist in the most hard-to-access, privy place of them all – her girlfriend’s asshole. Annie began moaning loudly with excitement. She couldn’t possibly contain her emotions during this brand-new experience!
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