Bad maid must be punished
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Bad maid must be punished

Mary was hired by the young and beautiful Katrin a long time ago. Katrin’s husband was very rich, but he was barely around which made her feel neglected. The gorgeous lady fell into a hole of boredom and loneliness, not knowing what to do most of the time. However, this time around, she knew exactly how to entertain herself: Kat walked into the room in which Mary was cleaning and started criticizing her work. She pretended that she’s deeply unsatisfied and is ready to fire Mary on the spot. The housemaid got scared, she was ready to do pretty much anything to keep her job. The two young women started kissing which led to Mary finding herself on the couch, in a daze. Her employer, Kat, was shoving her fist in Mary’s moist vagina! Even though it was her first time, she loved every second of it!
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