Alpha’s wish is her command
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Alpha’s wish is her command

Master was in a FOUL mood today: an important deal fell through after months and months of hard work. The client just got cold feet for no good reason! Nelly, his girlfriend/chattel, knew that she had to be quiet and obedient, do everything he says, and try to avoid making him angrier. As luck would have it, EVERYTHING made him angry that day. Here he is, unable to find the remote – he claps his hands three times and Nelly brings it over in her mouth like a good little bitch. Still, that AIN’T it! He gives her an order to move closer so that he can give that tight, round butt a nice spanking. Nelly starts moaning a little… She really likes it. He then decides to clench his fist before guiding it deep in his woman’s pussy. The fist was inching deeper and deeper in her welcoming cooch. He dishes out pain, she moans in pleasure!
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