My secret wish – fisting!
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My secret wish – fisting!

Greg was happy because today is her birthday… Also, he was dating the most attentive and amazing redhead in the world, Linda! The long-legged, slim beauty knew how to please her man – she prepared a VERY special surprise for the birthday boy. Linda wrote down the types of sex she wanted to try on bits of paper and asked Greg to pull one out. The first piece said “blowjob,” so Linda pulled down her boyfriend’s pants and stuffed his erect cock deep down her throat. The pinnacle of the evening was the moment when Greg pulled out a scrap that said “fisting.” Both seemed puzzled at first since they had no past experience with it. Linda decided to lay down on her back with her legs spread wide so that Greg can start plunging his fist in her wet pussy. A tidal wave of new sensations rushed over Linda… It was unforgettable!
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