You lose...
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You lose...

Nick and Lilly go back a long way. Today, they decided to have some fun and play strip poker. Lady Luck was NOT on Lilly’s side today – she kept losing and losing, which, of course, led to her stripping almost completely naked. That delicious set of breasts had Nick all excited, he wanted to touch it, rub it, you name it. Seeing that the girl seemed incredibly disappointed after her losing streak, Nick decided to offer her a special prize: if she wins, he takes everything off and if he wins, she has to follow Nick’s any order. Her eyes glistened with excitement! Ultimately, there wasn’t a happy ending to this little fairytale – Nick won again and she had to take off the last piece of clothing she had on. The winner leaned in closer to her, hugged her, and whispered “fisting” into her little ear.
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