To help or to fist?
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To help or to fist?

Melissa LOVED masturbating in the bathtub. Sometimes, she could spend hours lounging in hot water, basking in DEEP pleasure. That’s exactly what happened that day and, after experiencing a few orgasms already, Melissa decided to call it a day and drain the tub. Just imagine how surprised she was to find that her hand got stuck in the drain! She could NOT pull it out no matter what! - Hey, somebody please help me! – she screamed. Her boyfriend was the first one to respond to her cry for help. After sizing up the clumsy beauty, he smirked to himself and decided that this here is a GREAT opportunity to broaden their sexual horizons. He moved closer to his naked, helpless girlfriend, spread her legs real wide… and shoved his fist in her pussy! Suffice to say, Melissa did NOT see that coming. She began to moan anxiously, struggling to break free, but it was all in vain: she was stuck hopelessly and her boyfriend was fuck-punching her slit!
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